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From the screen to the parks

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Sorry I’ve not been posting much… With no phone or Wifi and a slooooooooooooooooowwwww home computer I can’t post the way I used to. That Queue has been my autoposter the last few weeks or so.

Oh and the whole ‘applying to graduate schools’ thing too.

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Happy Birthday Disneyland!

Here’s the blog post dedicated to the one and original “Park” Pluto costume. Originally intended for the Walt Disney’s Toy Shop segment of the Ice Capades touring ice shows beginning in the early 1950s, this first version of fur Pluto was among the rest of the costumed characters that were eventually used as the very characters that paraded down Main Street and greeted guests on grand opening day. In fact it is unanimously agreed that this decision of making the idea of favorite Disney characters live and in the flesh, meeting the young & young at heart, was the spark that started the tradition of meets and greets at Disney parks.

Quite a sight, isn’t he?

Reblogging because this is actually important.

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Now I’m free to .gif like crazy. 

This isn’t even the whole list. I’ll be revisiting older posts I made like of Canine Casanova with newer posts (think of a certain seal).

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